The Barnabas Group

What is the purpose of The Barnabas Group? 

The purpose is to connect people who have special needs with those who have a desire to help. 

Who makes up The Barnabas Group? 

Anyone in the congregation who is willing to give of his or her time and love to help those in need. Participation is voluntary.

Who is served by The Barnabas Group?

Church members and friends of our congregation facing difficult situations such as widows, those with illness or disability, single parents, and elderly, etc.

How can you become a part of The Barnabas Group?

Join The Barnabas Group by signing up to help in one or more of the following categories based on your spiritual gifts, talents, and interests: Food • Transportation • Visiting • Household Help • Prayer • Disaster Relief • Financial Stewardship • Mentoring Program

Get Involved:

You can sign up by calling or emailing the team members assigned to each team below.

How can you or someone you know access the services of The Barnabas Group?

If you or someone you know could use the services of The Barnabas Group, please contact the coordinators, Brad and Tonya Kaufmann. They will then forward details of that need to the team leaders of the group or groups best suited to help.

Service Areas and Team Leaders

Coordinators: Brad and Tonya Kaufmann (266-7017; 

When the coordinators are contacted with information regarding a need, they will gather and forward the details of that need to one or more of the following team leaders.

Food: Clint and Stephanie Heinold (263-4384; 

The food committee will serve when there is an opportunity to take food to new mothers, those affected by illness, or surgery, etc.

Transportation: Doug and Dawn Baer (241-2442; 

This committee will take advantage of opportunities to provide transportation to church functions, medical appointments, grocery shopping, or other special needs.

Visiting: Jeff and Jane Kieser (266-2540; 

This committee will visit shut-ins, the sick, lonely, or aged on a regular basis, and may include some small group singing in their homes.

Household Help: Mark Wuthrich (263-0691; 

This group will have the opportunity to help those who need temporary assistance with their computer, household chores, repairs, laundry, yard work, shopping, etc. 

Prayer Requests: Adam and Lindsay Funk

Those involved with this group will commit to utilize the power of prayer and encouragement for those with special needs such as illness, surgery, or difficult situations, along with supporting the needs of the church as a whole.

Disaster Relief: Jeff and Jane Kieser (266-2540; 

This committee will assist in time of natural disaster such as tornados, flooding, fire, blizzards, etc.

Financial Stewardship: Todd and Wendy Sauder (263-6623; 

This group will help those who need assistance with such financial matters as establishing a spending plan (budgeting), getting out of debt, saving, and giving.

Mentoring Program: Mark Wuthrich (263-0691; 

This program is designed to offer mentoring to individuals or couples in several areas including spiritual, personal and/or relationship growth. Please contact Ted Witzig Sr. or Ted Witzig Jr. if you are interested in having a mentor or being a mentor.