HarvestCall (local projects)

The vision of Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is to see God glorified as despair and suffering are alleviated, hearts and minds are transformed, and churches are established and nurtured. Some of the local HarvestCall activities that our church family is involved in include:

Local HarvestCall Projects: Opportunities abound to serve others in such activities as: helping to shingle a roof for a needy family or local mission agency, volunteering at the Child Sponsorship office, and driving semis of food and relief supplies to those in need.

The HarvestCall Sewing group meets at our Fellowship Hall on the first Tuesday of the month (during the school year). Projects include quilt-making and other sewing-related projects. Many of the quilts are donated to Benefit Auctions while other items are given directly to those in need.

Clothing Drive: We sponsor a clothing drive each year to collect new and good used clothing to be distributed to those in need.

Local Disaster Response: Work teams to help clean up after tornados, fires, floods, or other disasters are organized by the Disaster Response Team.

Support of denominational HarvestCall efforts: Our local church also supports and participates in the efforts of the national Apostolic Christian Church HarvestCall ministry. This includes both domestic (e.g,. rebuilding in Biloxi, AL after hurricane Katrina) and international (e.g., Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, India, etc.) missions work.

For more information, contact Todd Stoller.