Mission Work

There is a lot of mission work going on in the Apostolic Christian Church and specifically, in the Morton congregation.

Click below to read more about each missionary and remember to keep them in your prayers.

Nicole Knobloch 
Casa Vida y Esperanza
Magdalena de Kino, Mexico

Kim Kaiser 
Isaiah 55 Ministries
Reynosa, Mexico

Kendra Neihouser 
Casa Vida y Esperanza
Magdalena de Kino, Mexico

More information about missionaries:

Missionary individuals & families sent through the Apostolic Christian Church

Mission Trips

The Apostolic Christian Church of America offers many opportunities to serve on a mission or ministry trip to help those in need.  Please visit our HarvestCall ministry website at http://www.harvestcall.org/how-you-can-help to learn about opportunities to share the gospel and improve the lives of those in need.