Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids is a fun, high-energy ministry that teaches kids three years old through third grade, to know more about Jesus and His teachings. The topic/theme for each evening will be illustrated through a Bible story, memory verse, activities and games that all work together to emphasize the theme and to make life application.

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Teen Night

Teen Night is our Wednesday evening high school ministry.  Activities include Bible study, special speakers, testimonies and service projects all for the purpose of encouraging our students to have a growing, personal walk with the Lord, build lasting friendships and serve our community and our world.

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Calling all fourth through eighth graders to FourThirteens. Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. for speakers, singing, Bible study, service projects, snacks, and FUN NIGHTS! Learn more about Jesus and serving others while building relationships.

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Statement of Faith  

Access the Apostolic Christian Church of America's statement of faith.

God's Perfect Plan of Salvation 

What a person must do to be saved

Passion Week  

This document provides an outline of what the four Gospels record occurred during the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday (sometimes called Passion Week). A helpful resource for year-round study, this document is especially helpful to study during the time leading up to Easter.