About Us

Our Vision Statement 

Adopted April 2, 2013

We will honor Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching and Christ-centered living to inspire spiritual growth within our congregation, in our community, and throughout the world.

5 Evidences of Spiritual Growth:

  1. We will see an inspired congregation that is equipped and empowered to engage confidently in the four pillar mission of the Apostolic Christian Church of America (evangelism, serving, teaching/nurturing, and preserving sound doctrine).
  2. We will see a congregation that engages and connects people of all ages and walks of life.
  3. We will see a congregation grounded in Biblical Truth with an understanding of and commitment to sanctified living.
  4. We will see young people who are inspired to follow Jesus Christ.
  5. We will see families who are Biblically-focused and living in alignment with God's Word.