Fellowship Hall

Our Fellowship Hall is a building designed to provide a place for fellowship, wedding receptions, benefit dinners, singings, and other church related activities, and is located adjacent to the church. 

Fellowship Hall Mission Statement

The Morton Apostolic Christian Church Fellowship Hall is dedicated to the honor and glory of God. The use of the Fellowship Hall is limited to wholesome, Godly activities and functions compatible with sound Biblical teachings. All activities are to be properly chaperoned and conducted in a manner honorable to God, and in harmony with our Faith, Doctrine, and Church practices.


Guidelines and Regulations  

Guidelines for the use of the Fellowship Hall.

Fellowship Hall Calendar

Showing current reservations and availability

Fee Structure 

Suggested minimum donations

Clean-up Checklist  

Responsibilities for clean-up of the Fellowship Hall.

Responsibilities for clean-up of the Fellowship Hall Shelter.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Fellowship Hall